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"I recently visited Selous Fly Fishing Safari’s in the quest to hunt Large and Smallmouth yellowfish and had an amazing trip.

Selous offer access to both dam and the river fishing.  Over and above the normal access to some good fishing spots on the dam, close to the town, Selous offer exclusive access to 22km of dam front on their 6000ha property halfway up the dam.  If you can appreciate the natural beauty and solitude of the Karoo, a place teeming with game, towering mountains and rock-koppies sculpted by time itself, this is the place to be.  In the secluded bay’s, I found the most amazing fishing spots and structure that literally scream “BIG FISH”! In spite of some inclement weather and water that was still on the cool side (not conducive to sight-fishing), the guides knew exactly where to find the fish.  We managed to catch both Small and Largemouth yellows as well as a few monster barbel/Catfish.  I cannot wait for my next trip and the opportunity to hunt for that elusive monter Largie (Largemouth Yellowfish) lurking in the deep.

The Lodge is nestled on a hill overlooking the town and offer spectacular views of the dam.  Shy mountain reedbuck often grazes close to the garden on the balmy evenings. The accommodation is spacious and comfortable and the lounge, bar and dining room aptly decorated with trophies of game.  Every meal was special and I enjoyed some of the most amazing venison dishes ever.

The lodge staff was always friendly and made my stay even more enjoyable.

Thank you Mynhard, Francis and your team, I hope to see you soon in my quest to catch that elusive 20 pound Yellowfish."

Turner Wilkinson

Turner Wilkinson

Well know Fly fishing writer, Fly fishing guide and Yellowfish specialist


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